Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catching Up!

September 6th-Sunday: Rest Day :)

September 7th-Monday: XT-Cross Training-13 miles-(34:00) on the indoor spinning bike in the PM

September 8th-Tuesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 9th-Wednesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 10th-Thursday: 4.5 miles-(36:38) in the PM-afternoon

September 11th-Friday: 6.5 miles-(50:36) in the PM

September 12th-Saturday: 4 miles-(31:40) in the PM

15 miles-(1:58:54) of running + 13 miles-(34:00) of spinning for the week :)

September 13th-Sunday: 6 miles-(46:00) in the early PM

September 14th-Monday: 4 miles-(28:51) in the PM

September 15th-Tuesday: 6 miles-(44:56) in the PM

September 16th-Wednesday: XT-15 miles-(54:18) of biking in the PM

September 17th-Thursday: Rest day 

September 18th-Friday: 8.3 miles-(62:43) in the PM

September 19th-Saturday: 3.7 miles-(28:42) in the PM

28 miles-(3:31:12) of running + 15 miles-(54:18) of biking for the week :)

September 20th-Sunday: 7 miles-(49:13)-Trask loop-New PR on this route! :)

September 21st-Monday: 4 miles-(29:27) in the PM

September 22nd-Tuesday: Rest day

September 23rd-Wednesday: 4 miles-(30:08) in the early PM

September 24th-Thursday: 7 miles-(53:40) in the PM

September 25th-Friday: 4 miles-(32:09) in the PM

September 26th-Saturday: Tuftonboro 5k-6 miles-(1.4 wu-11:06 + 5k-18:14-3rd OA + 1.5 cd-12:15) in the AM :)

32 miles-(3:56:12) of running for the week :)

September 27th-Sunday: XT-7+ miles of hiking + .5 miles of running with Liz :)

September 28th-Monday: Rest day

September 29th-Tuesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 30th-Wednesday: Rest day-procrastination

89.5 miles of running for September
At least 589.5 more miles to go to reach my Goal for 2015!

October 1st-Thursday: 2.5 miles-(NT) while spectating at my bro's XC race in the PM

October 2nd-Friday: Rest day-procrastination

October 3rd-Saturday: 5 miles-(38:12) in the PM

8 miles of running + some hiking for the week 

October 4th-Sunday: 5 miles-(38:43) in the PM

October 5th-Monday: Rest day

October 6th-Tuesday: 9 miles-(67:24) in the early PM

October 7th-Wednesday: 5 miles-(38:05) in the PM

October 8th-Thursday: 6 miles-(44:53) in the early PM

October 9th-Friday: Rest day

October 10th-Saturday: 8 miles-(59:32) in the AM

33 miles-(4:08:37) of running for the week :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Slowly Getting The FIRE Going. . .

August 30th-Sunday: Rest Day :)

August 31st-Monday: 8 miles-(62:38) in the PM

97 miles of running for August :)
At least 679 more miles to go for 2015
1336 miles ran for 2015 so far

September 1st-Tuesday: 0-busy + stressed out

September 2nd-Wednesday: 0-stressed + busy, but still should have run

September 3rd-Thursday: 7 miles-(54:38) in the PM

September 4th-Friday: Rest day

September 5th-Saturday: 7 miles-(51:45)-Trask loop-20 min to four corners + 28:20 to top, solo in the PM

22 miles-(2:49:02) of running for the week :)

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Past Couple Weeks

August 16th-Sunday: Rest Day for IT band/knee

August 17th-Monday: Another Rest Day for IT band/knee

August 18th-Tuesday: 6 miles E-(46:24) in the PM

August 19th-Wednesday: Rest Day

August 20th-Thursday: 6.8 miles E-(55:12)

August 21st-Friday: 7.2 miles E-(56:57) in the PM

August 22nd-Saturday: Rest Day

20 miles-(2:38:33) of running for the week :)

August 23rd-Sunday: 12 miles-(30 min) of spinning on the indoor bike in the PM

August 24th-Monday: 7 miles-(48:12) in the PM; was feeling really good!

August 25th-Tuesday: 5 miles-(40:18) in the PM

August 26th-Wednesday: 7 miles-(55:47) in the early PM 

August 27th-Thursday: Rest Day :)

August 28th-Friday: 5 miles-(39:06) in the early PM 

August 29th-Saturday: Gilford Old Home Day-6 miles-(1.3 E + 5k Race-18:45-5th OA-rough time out there-hilly course + 1.6 E) in the AM

30 miles of running for the week :)

IT Band Problems

August 9th-Sunday: Rest Day

August 10th-Monday: Rest Day-Kayaked around 4 miles in the afternoon with Liz :)

August 11th-Tuesday: Q1-10 miles-(1:20:46) in the AM

August 12th-Wednesday: 8 miles-(62:42) with Seth in the AM

August 13th-Thursday: 4.9 miles E-(39:42)

August 14th-Friday: Rest Day for IT band/knee

August 15th-Saturday: 34th Granite Man Triathlon-5 miles-(1 E + 3.9 running leg-29:50 with Adam + .2 E) in the AM

28 miles of running for the week :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rest Week For Ankle

August 2nd-Sunday: Rest Day-Ankle was quite swollen

August 3rd-Monday: Rest Day...still pretty swollen. I did 3 sets of pull ups and light weights in the PM, but that was it. 22nd Birthday! :/

August 4th-Tuesday: Rest Day

August 5th-Wednesday: Rest Day

August 6th-Thursday: Rest Day-Plank workout in the PM

August 7th-Friday: Rest Day-Felt like I could have given running a try today, but I decided to give it some more rest because I really don't want to take any steps back from the recovery process.

August 8th-Saturday: 6 miles E-(49:12) in the AM, things felt fine with my ankle, thank the Lord!

6 miles-(49:12) of running for the rest week :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kingman Farm Trail Race + Ankle Injury :/

July 26th-Sunday: Rest Day :)

July 27th-Monday: Q1-10 miles-(1:16:45) in Concord on a hilly route-(600-700 ft. of elevation gain) in the AM

July 28th-Tuesday: 6 miles Easy-(48:30) in the AM

July 29th-Wednesday: Q2-9 miles-(2 E-16:12 + 2 sets of (8 x 200 R w/800-(4:05) jg between sets-1st set-(36, 40, 38, 39, 40, 39, 38, 37) + 2nd set-(37, 37, 37, 37, 38, 38, 38, 36)-4.5 total-30:53 + 2.5 E-20:08)-combined total time-(67:13) in the AM :D I started my warm up at 6:24 am and was done by 8; felt controlled while trying to feel out the pace for the first set, and then finished things off well in the second set. I also changed into my Asics Hyperspeed 6's and then did some stretching + drills + a couple strides after the warm up; back to the Hoka's for the cool down.

July 30th-Thursday: 6 miles E-(48:47) in the AM

July 31st-Friday: 6 miles E-(48:41 + 4 ST) in the AM

205 miles of running for July! :D
At least 776 more miles to go for 2015

August 1st-Saturday: Kingman Farm Trail Race-5.6 miles-(2 E-16:08 + 3.6 mi. race-26:20)-combined total-(42:28) in the AM. Not much to say about this one. I twisted my ankle real bad half a mile into the race, but decided to keep going so I ran about 3 more miles where things just got progressively worse. The pain in the last mile was really getting to me. I should have just thrown in the towel after the first mile because three days later things are still healing. I did end up hanging onto 3rd OA, but I believe that I could have given 1st place-Josh Fields a run for his money if I didn't hurt myself. I HATE not being able to run or cross train. We'll see how it is feeling tomorrow-Wednesday.

42.6 miles-(5:32:24) of running for the week :)

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hurricane Hill 10k! :)

July 19th-Sunday; 12 miles-(33:52) of biking on the indoor spinning bike in the PM. It was very hot and humid working out during the power outage.

July 20th-Monday: 7 miles-(55:18) in the AM

July 21st-Tuesday: 12 miles-(1:35:25) with a few short breaks because I drank a lot of water beforehand in the AM

July 22nd-Wednesday: 7 miles-(51:24) mostly with Seth in the AM. Felt pretty good starting out, dropping a 6:47 1st mile and then a 6:15; slowed down to 7:30's after that.

July 23rd-Thursday: 4 miles-(31:16) in the AM + another 4 miles-(31:49) on the same route in the PM

July 24th-Friday: 5 miles-(39:36 + 6 BF ST on the grass + drills) with Seth in the AM

July 25th-Saturday: Hurricane Hill 10k-Vermont-9 miles-(1.5 wu-11:36 + 6 mi. race-43:51 + 1.5 cd-13:00)-combined total-(68:26) in the AM
Race Report:
The race director gave out some quick, pre-race directions at the starting line, and then we were off with a simple "GO!" I got a pretty good start, and was side by side with my younger, but speedy brother leading the charge down a choppy, logging road; where about 400 meters from the start, the course took a sharp left across some rocks and up a trail. This is where I wasn't paying attention to any arrows and kept going straight up the logging road. I was shouted to by other racers including my brother that we were supposed to go left. With frustration I doubled back as quickly as I could to settle into 6th or so as we began to climb. It was very quickly apparent that this wouldn't be like last week's trail race where it was just Seth and I from 2 miles on. We all climbed about 300 ft.-(according to Strava) during that 1st mile with the last part being pretty steep. My legs felt zapped after we crested the hill, and started down a single track section. Seth took off on the downhill, and then it leveled out. I caught back up at this point while shaking out the lactic acid build-up, and went by him. I hoped that I could stay in front of him from there to the finish line which I was happily able to pull off. The rest of the race after that which was from 1.75 miles on was just reeling in the guys that really attacked that first climb. I caught one fairly fast within the next 1/2 a mile and proceeded by him-(Luc Morin). I caught glimpses of the next 2 guys up ahead and focused on catching them. I passed one of them-(Jordan Frazin) right before the 3 mile mark that was lagging behind at that point-(I could tell he was hurting.) I stayed with the guy in 2nd place-Vincent Lyon who I beat by almost a minute at last weekend's race so I was pretty confident that I could edge him out again. I stayed right with him up until 3.5 miles or so and then just cruised past. It turns out that he was just biding his time, and knew the course pretty well from winning this race when they held it last September. I threw in a surge and he went right with me. Almost went the wrong way again just after 4 miles into it, but thankfully he shouted to me to take another sharp left so I doubled back to be the follower again. The last 1.4 miles consists of mostly downhills with some rough turns thrown in. He took off on this section of the course. I was able to go with him up until the last half a mile where I twisted an ankle and just couldn't keep up with his fast pace. He did take a pretty good tumble where it just looked like he rolled, jumped back up, and then continued racing! It was quite the sight! I never saw the 1st place guy again after that first steep climb in the beginning. He beat Vincent by 1:30. The guy-(Chris Gish) ended up being a 17 year old from VT, and his sister won the 10k for females as well. In conclusion, I just didn't feel as happy with the race overall as I did last weekend. I should have really gone for it from 3-4 miles to try and lose Vincent before the long, downhill finish. I'll get him next time! :D

48 miles-(6:13:14) of running including 1 tough trail race in Vermont! + 12 miles-(33:52) of spinning for the week :)