Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catching Up!

September 6th-Sunday: Rest Day :)

September 7th-Monday: XT-Cross Training-13 miles-(34:00) on the indoor spinning bike in the PM

September 8th-Tuesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 9th-Wednesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 10th-Thursday: 4.5 miles-(36:38) in the PM-afternoon

September 11th-Friday: 6.5 miles-(50:36) in the PM

September 12th-Saturday: 4 miles-(31:40) in the PM

15 miles-(1:58:54) of running + 13 miles-(34:00) of spinning for the week :)

September 13th-Sunday: 6 miles-(46:00) in the early PM

September 14th-Monday: 4 miles-(28:51) in the PM

September 15th-Tuesday: 6 miles-(44:56) in the PM

September 16th-Wednesday: XT-15 miles-(54:18) of biking in the PM

September 17th-Thursday: Rest day 

September 18th-Friday: 8.3 miles-(62:43) in the PM

September 19th-Saturday: 3.7 miles-(28:42) in the PM

28 miles-(3:31:12) of running + 15 miles-(54:18) of biking for the week :)

September 20th-Sunday: 7 miles-(49:13)-Trask loop-New PR on this route! :)

September 21st-Monday: 4 miles-(29:27) in the PM

September 22nd-Tuesday: Rest day

September 23rd-Wednesday: 4 miles-(30:08) in the early PM

September 24th-Thursday: 7 miles-(53:40) in the PM

September 25th-Friday: 4 miles-(32:09) in the PM

September 26th-Saturday: Tuftonboro 5k-6 miles-(1.4 wu-11:06 + 5k-18:14-3rd OA + 1.5 cd-12:15) in the AM :)

32 miles-(3:56:12) of running for the week :)

September 27th-Sunday: XT-7+ miles of hiking + .5 miles of running with Liz :)

September 28th-Monday: Rest day

September 29th-Tuesday: Rest day-procrastination

September 30th-Wednesday: Rest day-procrastination

89.5 miles of running for September
At least 589.5 more miles to go to reach my Goal for 2015!

October 1st-Thursday: 2.5 miles-(NT) while spectating at my bro's XC race in the PM

October 2nd-Friday: Rest day-procrastination

October 3rd-Saturday: 5 miles-(38:12) in the PM

8 miles of running + some hiking for the week 

October 4th-Sunday: 5 miles-(38:43) in the PM

October 5th-Monday: Rest day

October 6th-Tuesday: 9 miles-(67:24) in the early PM

October 7th-Wednesday: 5 miles-(38:05) in the PM

October 8th-Thursday: 6 miles-(44:53) in the early PM

October 9th-Friday: Rest day

October 10th-Saturday: 8 miles-(59:32) in the AM

33 miles-(4:08:37) of running for the week :)

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